Chef Peter Brown
Chef Peter Brown
Chef Peter Brown
Chef Peter Brown has been the head chef at Jimtown since October 2007
Peter Brown started cooking in his hometown of Honolulu in a neighborhood deli at the age of 16. Raised as a vegan from the age of 4, he was comfortable managing a much larger vegetarian kitchen Down to Earth, at the age of 19. In 1997 he left Honolulu to attend the Natural Gourmet Cookery School in New York City, at the time the only accredited Natural Foods Culinary program in the country. This urban culinary oasis specializes in cooking from a perspective of sustainability, whole foods, and healing cuisine, drawing from both western science and a plethora of eastern traditions.

During this time he also interned at famed Hawaii chef Roy Yamaguchi’s restaurant in Manhattan, his first introduction to a fast paced fine dining kitchen.

After completing his internship he stayed in New York for four years, cooking for private clients with special dietary needs, as well as catering all over Manhattan, often with the renowned Mood Food Catering Company. During this time he also worked two extended summers as the Estate Chef for a 23-bedroom estate in Islesboro, Maine. Finally leaving the east coast a week before September 11th 2001, for a change of scenery in California.

Shortly after arriving on the west coast he went on his first visit to the California Wine country with a close friend of his sisters in Healdsburg, California. After ‘tasting’ a considerable amount of wine, he stumbled into Santi in Geyserville in the middle of the afternoon, resume in hand. Ten minutes later he left with a full time job starting the next day, a room for a month in his sister’s friends’ house, and stayed for a year.

This was his first true introduction to wine country cuisine, working under former Jordan Winery chefs Tom Odin and Franco Dunn. After becoming fluent in each position in the Santi Kitchen he yearned to go home to Hawaii, so after a year at Santi he moved back to Honolulu.

In Hawaii he started working under a colleague and close friend of Roy Yamaguchi’s, Chef Hiroshi Fukui, at L’Uraku restaurant. There he honed his chops in a grueling, 6 nights a week lead line cook position. After a year at L’Uraku, a unique opportunity arose by way of the Natural Gourmet Cookery School-a job as the private chef and nutritionist for famed Irish dancer Michael Flatley. Starting in Barbados for 2 months this job took him around the world-cooking and foraging for food from Las Vegas to Sardinia and beyond.

Northern California continued to represent the seasonal, healthy, uncomplicated food that defined his cooking persona. Sonoma County presented an irresistible opportunity to learn about wine, experience crush and forage for mushrooms, and enjoy other passions of his, cycling and songwriting in particular. After a year of almost continuous travel Peter returned to Healdsburg to master his skills, immersing himself once again in the copious bounty of wine and ingredients in Sonoma county.

Upon his return he worked as a caterer, and as the chef at Les Mars Hotel, as well as working crush with award winning winemaker Fred Scherrer.

“Healdsburg is the only place I ever moved back to.” It was the perfect place for a young chef to cook, write songs, ride his bikes, play music, forage for mushrooms, and most of all cook with an ever-expanding group of friends.

Peter Brown became the full time chef of the Jimtown Store in October 2007.